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DreamsDay Spa Pevonia Facials – Mature Skin Types


By delivering a high concentration of Marine Collagen and Marine Elastin for outstanding absorbency, this in-spa polypeptides freeze-dried treatment is proven-effective to protect your skin against premature ageing, smoothing wrinkles, combating skin slackening whilst improving overall texture & elasticity and hydrates deeply.

• Utilises Galvanic to achieve a deeper, longer-lasting level of treatment.

• Recommended once-a-week for a minimum of six weeks to achieve maximum results. Pure – Anti-ageing

• Saturates the skin with saccharides and moisture

• Smooth’s fi ne lines and creepiness

• Combats premature ageing

• Improves suppleness

• Provides excellent moisture bonding

• Strengthens inner skin support

• Improves elasticity

1 hour 30 mins – £80.00

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Lacto-Flora Peel Facial

Designed to treat sensitive acne and hyper-pigmentation skins, Lacto-flora peel works by using Lactic acid. Lactic acid is part of the skin’s natural moisturising factor. It’s important function is to acidify the skin’s surface and reduce the skin’s PH balance. It’s the most potent acid for lightening the skin and also reduces the amount of oil the skin produces. Controlling acne reduces Sebum production and pore clogging.

As an extra (at cost) to all facials enjoy the benefits of a 10 minute massage prior to all facials.

Why not treat yourself to 6 facials for the price of 5 Must be paid in full and redeemed within 12 months

1 hour – £52.00

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Escutox Freeze-Dried Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Upgrade your facial with Escutox® Pevonia’s exclusive formulation of hibiscus extract that has been freeze dried to preserve the active ingredients to deliver outstanding results. Designed to stimulate the nerve endings, Escutox®will repair the skin, relax wrinkles and increase hydration & skins suppleness resulting in a visibly youthful skin. The natural alternative to botox.

1 hour 15 mins – £65.00

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Myoxy-Caviar & Pearl

A safe alternative to botox and the most advanced defence against ageing. This anti-ageing treatment replenishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: EscutoxTM. This luxurious clay thermal mask will improve elasticity, increase oxygenation of cells and suppleness of the skin. Counteract the imprint of time and reflect a youthful complexion as it dramatically reduces facial expression lines and wrinkles. Myoxy-Caviar – the youthful ultimate in anti-ageing. Ideal for those who would like to minimise the signs of ageing. Not suitable for sensitive, oily skin types.

1 hour 15 mins – £75.00

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Elasto-Firm Mask

A firming facial rich in Elastin, the second most important protein to the skin after Collagen. Elastin forms the support network of the skin, rebuilding its strength and ability to spring back, leaving the surface intensely firmed and tightened. The complexion is hydrated, radiant and youthful. LumafirmTM Lift & Glow Facial

The latest in freeze dried technology delivers instant results and skin care benefits. Ideal for signs of ageing or as the perfect instant repair boost, this facial features the best anti-ageing ingredients, leaving skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, even and more youthful defined appearance.

1 hour 15 mins – £65.00

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Anti-Free Radicals Mask

A clay thermal mask first warms, encouraging the absorption of vitamins into your skin, then cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Micro-emulsified Vitamins A and E maximise your skin’s protection against free radicals and premature ageing, leaving complexion velvety-smooth and deeply hydrated with improved texture. Excellent for Dry skins.

1 hour 15 mins – £65.00

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