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DreamsDay Spa Pevonia Facials – Oily & Combination Skin

Blemished Skin

Acne Control/Prevention (Problematic/Acne skin types). Close your eyes and envision clear skin as dynamic exfoliators gently polish away dirt and bacteria. Next, a powerful enzyme peel removes even the most stubborn clogging, blackheads and dead skin cells. Experience deep cleansing as your therapist rids your skin of every impurity. As a final touch, a highly antiseptic mask delivers healing and soothing benefits to your skin.

1 hour – £40.00

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Floracide Exfoliating Treatment

An organic ingredient derived from the Hibiscus flower combined with Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid proven to deliver long lasting radiance and smoothness to the skin. Floracide improves skin texture and brightness diminishes the signs of ageing, lightens hyperpigmentation and refines the skin appearance leaving the skin soft, smooth and truly radiant. Ideal for postacne scarring oiliness and open pores or general skin renewal and radiance. Not suitable for very sensitive skins.

1 hour – £52.00

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Designed to break down coagulated skin, ideal for stubborn blackheads, deep cleansing and severely blemished skins. Ingredients: Lipase is extracted from mushroom, sand amylase is extracted from Barley.

Ideal for smoothing Hyperkeratinisation.

1 hour 15 mins – £55.00

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Deep Clense Ritual

A facial incorporating deep extraction, ideal for congestion and dead set comedones, to promote a radiant clean skin. Acne Facial

An acne skin can be a difficult skin type to control but the specialised ingredients of Pevonia enable you to refine and correct a problematic skin. Pevonia’s antibacterial properties salicylic acid has been proven to work in the fight against spots.

1 hour 15 mins – £55.00

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