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DreamsDay Spa Massages

Refoundation Massage

A treatment totally designed for the wellbeing of feet and legs. Ideal for heavy tired legs, this truly relaxing massage from the toes to the knees focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility and blood circulation.

45 mins – £35.00

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Remedial Massage

(Course of 4 treatments available)
A deep tissue massage designed to work on postural pain. Common pain from driving, computer or desk jobs can be alleviated through specific massage movements. Hip, pelvic and lower back pain can be eased and benefit from these specialised massage movements. We advise you to relax after your treatment. We recommend weekly visits, your therapist will advise on a 4 separate week programme after your first visit.

1 hour – £47.00

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Revitalising Pevonia Scalp Treatment

Indulge in this holistic and beneficial scalp treatment, incorporating a scalp exfoliation and massage. Complements all our body wraps and massage.

1 hour – £40.00

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Clear Mind Head Ritual

Melt away stress and fatigue. The warm blend of essential oils, Chinese Jasmine and Sesame oil, is gently massaged into your scalp. Tension is released and the skin and hair are conditioned. Relax in the aroma of French Lavender, soothing your senses.

1 hour – £42.00

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Relaxation Massage

A tailor made relaxation massage using new and traditional movements. Can be performed on back, arms and neck. Enables the stresses of everyday life to be soothed away, inducing a feeling of well being.

45 mins – £37.00

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Theraputic Full Body Massage

A therapeutic massage for complete relaxation using a choice of three pre-blended quality essential oils. Vitality, Serenity and Recovery.

1 hour – £47.00

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DreamsDay Signature Massage

The ultimate top to toe treatment, including a full body brushing and hot towel body ritual to complement the full body massage. Incorporating gentle finger-tip techniques to the body, face and scalp. Included is a session in the senses box please ask when booking.

1 hour 30 mins – £67.00

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