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DreamsDay Spa Pregnancy Treatments

Pevonia Pre Baby Pamper

A rich, creamy-textured refining body scrub to prepare your skin before baby arrives. Gentle and deep-cleansing, Pevonia’s Body Polish uses natural jojoba granules to activate the blood circulation without harming the fine capillaries, leaving skin soft, silky and smooth. Complemented with a soothing relaxation massage. Treatments can also be carried out with the Natural Spa Factory’s Bumps a Daisy Pregnancy line.

1Hours – 15 mins £60.00

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Prescriptive Facial

A bespoke facial to introduce you to the natural wonders of Pevonia. With a large skin care range to ensure a relaxing and beneficial deep cleanse and professional treatment.

1 hour 15 mins – £55.00

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Plantomer Facial

Visibly enhance your skin’s texture and maximise hydration. This refreshing, soft lift off mask combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed the ocean’s fi nest resource with revitalising Propolis a natural healing and desensitising substance rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A. Soothing, nourishing and calming, it renders the skin undeniably radiant with highly visible results. Good for all skin types. Excellent for Sensitive, Eczema and Psoriasis prone skin types.

1 hour 30 mins – £65.00

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Relaxation Massage

A tailor made relaxation massage using new and traditional movements. Can be performed on back, arms and neck. Enables the stresses of everyday life to be soothed away, inducing a feeling of well being. Includes a water pillow during latter stages of pregnancy.

60 mins – £47.00

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Bumps-a-Daisy Pedi-Spa

Developed to keep you looking bumpsilicious by tackling the common pregnancy woes, the Bumps A Daisy Pedi-Spa is gentle and nourishing.

Infused with a delicate sweet mandarin, soothing Neroli Palmarosa and rosewood oil, and combined with a natural sweet almond oil, to leave your skin feeling beautifully nourished, ensuring moisture is locked in after your foot and leg massage. Your therapist will trim and colour your nails too.

1 hour 15 mins – £41.00

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Oxy-Vital Mask

Rich in Aloe Vera natures answer to soothing traumatised skin combined with Azulene, a derivative of Chamomile, to act as an anti-inflammatory. This mask desensitises hydrates and heals the skin-postoperative and post sunburn. Good for sensitive and super sensitive skin as well as self-inflicted irritation.

All Skin Types Sensitive skin/Rosacea

1 hour 30 mins – £65.00

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Time for Mum

A specifically designed treatment to care for you throughout your pregnancy. With a unique massage by Pevonia using a massage oil enriched with safflower, geranium, mandarin essential oil and vitamin E, this blend of essential oils help prevent stretch marks and strengthens the skins elasticity. The whole body experience is pure indulgence beginning with a relaxing massage. This pamper concludes with a plantomer facial.

2 hours – £85.00

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