Looking for HD Brows in Carlisle? Few people realise just how much of your facial beauty is defined by your eyebrows. It doesn’t matter how perfectly applied your makeup is, or how well styled your hair; if your eyebrows are lacking it can diminish the appearance of your whole face. HD Brows works to combat that, lifting your whole face so that with or without makeup you look like a brighter, fresher version of you.


The colours and tones of the HD Brows treatment can work for anyone – even those blondes with a fair hair tone! From light to dark, the colour range remains strong and radiant and the shaping techniques have long lasting effects that create a perfect natural canvas for makeup.


Whether you want a lighter, more natural brow for day-to-day wear or a slightly stronger look for going out to a party, the HD Brows treatment works magic and has a long lasting finish to endure even the toughest day’s work. To get HD Brows in Carlisle and give yourself a lift, come to DreamsDay.