Nature’s most powerful force for clearing toxic overload, is also an effective and delightful method of healing, regenerating and rejuvenating skin.

The treatment:

• Energises the body

• Helps to eliminate cellulite

• Assists in weight loss

• Detoxifies the body

• Reduces and relieves muscle tension

• Creates inner body warmth

• Assists in the fight against SAD

• With chromotherapy healing through the use of colour

• Specialised blended oils to help relax energise

• Calming, tranquil and invigorating

The Session:

You can wear loose clothes but a gown will be supplied. If you wish for a shower after, please reserve this facility on your confirmation of booking. Can be booked in 1 or 6 session sets. Complementary with all one hour massages

1 session: £5.00

6 sessions: £20.00