This collection of 6 lightweight oil-free and easy to blend pearlescent cream shades can be worn alone or on top of your favourite foundation. The different shades of glowing champagne, fresh pinks and rich gold tones can be used as a blush, accent or pop of colour anywhere. It's all about the natural play of light on the face for a soft, beautiful, radiant look. Suitable for all skin types, tones and pigments.

Includes full colour, easy-to-use highlighting guide. video for application


Net Wt. 15 g / 0.48 oz (6 x 2.5 g / 0.08 oz)


First determine your skin tone - LIGHT for fair skin, MEDIUM for average, medium skin tone, and DARK for deep skin tone. The CONTOUR shades in this palette will help recede any areas on the face while the HIGHLIGHT shades will bring out features - always remember this rule when applying. For most precise and effective application, we recommend using either the Youngblood Round Flocked or Oblong Flocked sponges and the Youngblood Contour Brush.


HIGHLIGHT 5. Apply Highlight shade on the bridge of the nose all the way up to forehead area. Can also be used under the brow. 6. Apply highlight shade under the eyes, down and above the cheek bones. Highlight can be brought down a bit under the eyes as well. 7. Apply highlight shade above the lip to make lips appear fuller and if desired, directly at the tip of the chin.