This truly hydrating and refreshing lotion completes a perfect cleansing programme. Green Tea, Liquorice, Sorbitol and Chamomile gently combine to soothe and decongest, reducing blotchiness while easing irritation. Recommended for all skin types with microcirculation problems, including hypersensitive skin.

Part of the Ligne Rose.


  •  High concentration of actives
  •  Alcohol-free
  •  Perfects a thorough and gentle cleansing
  •  Redness diffuser
  •  Vaso-constrictor
  •  Cools and heals
  •  Prepares skin for further treatment


To be used morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing with the RS2 Gentle Cleanser. Wipe face and neck with a cotton pad moist with RS2 Gentle Lotion. Can be used to refresh the skin at any time.