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We are driven to provide the very best quality skincare that makes a difference to you.  We are equally driven to provide you with a handmade range that looks after the environment too, that’s why we only source the finest of natural ingredients.


Our skin care range is made with natural and where possible, organic ingredients, ethically sourced from sustainable origins. There is nothing hidden in our products, especially no parabens, SLSs or synthetic ingredients. Browse our Ingredients Glossary and learn more about what goes into our products.


We carefully select botanical ingredients and essential oils that actively nourish, restore and regenerate the skin. Our formulas are tested and approved by cosmetic experts and are designed to enhance the skin’s natural moisturising and healing process.

We look to promote anti-ageing using a beneficial mix of antioxidants, including Vitamins A, C and E, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9) and oils rich in nutrients. Our product range caters for all skin types.


We are privileged to be surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK and want it to remain that way for generations to come. We are continually searching for ways to care for the environment, invest in our local community and guarantee both our products and our production methods are ethical, sustainable and kind to the environment.

  • 100% recyclable packaging

  • Biodegradable mailing bags

  • All products and packaging made in the UK

  • Ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients

  • An emphasis on organic ingredients where possible

  • Supporters of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

  • A member of the Conservation & Tourism Partnership in for the Lake District and Cumbria

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