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This is our Gallery Page of our lastest products, these will be on sale late February 

Heaven Scent are makers of Soy Wax Candles and other natural products

Our Ingredients


We use natural plant waxes Soy and Rapeseed.

We use pure essential oils in most of our products. Our fragrance oils are of a high quality and do not contain any harsh chemicals or colours. We use cotton only wicks with a paper core.


Our ingredients are as natural as possible, with no parabens and sulphates or harsh chemicals. 

We source all our materials which include factors like performance, sustainability, ethics and organic practices, in mind.

We do not use any animal ingredients in our candles.  Our candles are suitable for vegans. We do not use ingredients that are tested on animals. We do use honey and bees wax in our Bath and Body Products,  again the natural ingredients are not tested on animals.  Our Reed Diffusers do not contain  animal ingredients however there is no guarantee that the equipment used to produce the oil has not also processed animal ingredients for other products like milk.  Our new Vegan range will be using an oil for Reed Diffusers that has not been used for animal ingredients previously.   


We use pure essential oils in all of our products and offer an essential oil 'only' range across our ranges.

We use recycled boxes and recycled glass for our candles.                          

 Our plastic packaging is recyclable (accepted in recycling schemes), we try to use this packaging to the minimum.  We offer many plastic free products. We are working towards a plastic free environment. 


We use natural products and try to use recycled packaging where it is possible.  

Our working premises use Solar Power Energy and it is 70% self sustaining.